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Pollution accelerates

skin aging.

Our entire brand is dedicated to protecting your skin from pollution (the environment)
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Indoor Pollution

Is Often the Worst Air

Every VU product detoxes, repairs and protects your skin from the pollutants. Shop Now

Climate-defense skincare ... Detox, Repair, Protect

 VU is changing the way you care for your skin, with high-performance climate-defense products, each created to remove particulate pollution, eliminate free radicals, protect against digital pollution and more. We fight premature aging and inflammation.

Founded in Venice, California, VU believes in transparency, safe ingredients, and results backed by scientific research. My Regimen Builder assesses your skin's needs for your particular location. Anti-aging results are achieved with botanical formulations rich in antioxidants to reduce inflammation. Products perform alone or together to stimulate your natural anti-aging response. 

Double-cleansing is the first step. 

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Double-cleanse with antioxidants so skin can benefit from your other products & ingredients

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Repair with intuitive C & E, Free Radical Defense, and Deep Healing Treatments

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Experience guaranteed improvement and lasting skin health with proper pH & nutrients

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blue light & anti-aging

Screens age our skin just like the sun does, with radiation. VU Urban Defense Gel fights blue-light damage with proven regeneration. 

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