Skincare that Fights

Air Pollution Damage

An entire climate defense line to protect your skin
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Skincare to Conquer

Indoor + Digital Pollution

VU products protect your skin from ozone, blue light and other pollutants
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Modern Skincare:

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Climate-defense skincare ... Cleanse, Treat, Moisturize

• Environmental aggressors like pollution, indoor ozone and blue light age and damage skin.

• Our clean, high-performance climate-defense products are created to reverse these effects.

• Personalize your perfect regimen to your skin type and local environment with our Regimen Builder.

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1. cleanse

Double-cleanse with antioxidants so skin can benefit from your other products & ingredients

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2. Tone

Rebalance skin pH to protect the skin barrier while removing irritants like ozone and pollution.

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3. treat

Repair with intuitive C & E, Free Radical Defense, and Deep Healing Treatments

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4. moisturize

Experience guaranteed improvement and lasting skin health with proper pH & nutrients

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blue light & anti-aging

Screens age our skin just like the sun does, with radiation. VU Urban Defense Gel fights blue-light damage with proven regeneration. 

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