VU studied the science for you

Our radical new approach to skin health requires facts to drive our ongoing innovation. 

VU uses peer-reviewed research and studies published in scientific journals focused on dermatology and chemistry. 

Here is the question VU sought to answer: Does neutralizing and reversing the effects of environmental irritants and aggressors improve skin’s natural healing and protective processes?

The science is clear. VU's seasonal skin-care regimen tuned to your specific environment is far more beneficial than products based on outdated ideas of skin type.

Ingredient Research

Ones we use. Ones we won't. And why.

clean & effective

Natural, cruelty-free, purposeful

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always avoid

Toxic parabens, retinoids, lanolin

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why it matters

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skin repair created for real life

VU formulates each product to address and correct skin issues caused by harmful daily irritants

cleanse & prepare

Remove dust, pollution and fine particles from pores to prep skin for repair

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defend & protect

Ozone, UV rays, pigmentation meet their match with high-C and lipid form of E

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radical repair

High-performance ferment, patented vitamin E molecule, and more

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screentime skin defense

Prebiotics go deep into pores with reduced-size molecules

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