the story of Volto Urbano and Lela Kelly

I was sitting at a rooftop cafe in Rome, admiring the incredible cityscape and feeling grateful for the chance to share travel experiences like this with my children. I rubbed my son's face as moms do and then noticed unusual dirt on his soft skin.

I looked around again at the Coliseum and other ancient edifices, and could see the layers of daily life settled on, and in, the stone. Was this on my face, too? I asked a friend about it and heard the words "volto" and "urbano" -- face and city. Volto Urbano.

Hi -- I'm Lela Kelly, a single mom living in Los Angeles with my three great kids. I'm a trained attorney and a total skin-care nerd.

The custom formulations that became Volto Urbano -- the first complete line of climate-defense skincare -- were created when I set out to solve my own problem: how to care for finicky, breakout-prone skin that required a new regimen every time I traveled for work or moved to a new city. And while I could adapt to sunlight, humidity and dryness to address my combination skin, I just couldn't seem to get that fresh, dewy glow that I wanted so badly.

Frustrated, I put on my lawyer hat and investigated until I was hit with a blinding smack of the obvious: Conventional cleansers simply don't clean away fine-particulate pollution that clogs our pores and dulls our skin. And while we all know that sunlight can deeply damage our skin, I also found that blue light (the light from most of our electronic devices) and ground ozone (from machinery like air conditioners) cause similar damage over time.

Now that I'd identified the problem, I plowed through hundreds of websites, searching for the right regimen when the next a-ha moment happened: I should create the skin care brand that I was seeking. Specifically, I wanted to dedicate a company to helping everyone match their skin type to their particular environment and season for the best results. That's how Volto Urbano was born, and we focus on:

• Products that remove fine-particle pollution and balance pH

• Transparent information for every single ingredient

• Regimens customized for environments and seasons

• Quick recall and re-order of personalized routines from My Regimen Builder.

Please check out VU Life and Science to empower your choices and experience the full force of VU.

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