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Why Cleansing Oils Matter

Most people do not associate oil with clean skin, because we typically want to remove the excess oil from our skin - not add to it. Well, it turns out some oils are super effective at removing the pollution that collects in the oils our faces naturally produce, by attracting and combining with those dirty molecules before rinsing away.

Well, it turns out some oils are super effective at removing the dirty oils our faces produce by attracting and combining with those dirty molecules before rinsing away.

The best cleansing oils, in our opinion, also turn to a milky emulsion when touched by water for the most complete oil-based cleansing (we first massage the oil onto our dry skin, then we wet our fingers to massage our skin which turns the oil milky before rinsing).

Choosing the right cleansing oil, however, can be confusing. Some oils are more oriented to providing added moisture, some combine with the dirty oils and are not so easy to wash away from our faces and some get it all done neatly without leaving skin feeling oily - like our Cleansing Oil that completely emulsifies with water.

Our oil is both thorough and gentle enough to be used for most skin types, including people who have oily or acne-prone skin. 


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