FREE Solution to Porch Piracy

It's that sinking feeling:

  • You took the time to buy amazing products from us.
  • We packed them with thoughtfully selected samples in our gorgeous shipping box.
  • We shipped it.
  • You tracked it.
  • And now;
  • Nothing's there.
  • Ugh!

Package theft from delivered parcels, also known as Porch Piracy, has grown so quickly that many of us have struggled with what to do.

Whether it's a critical shipment or just something for laughs, the greatest frustration is having to wait for the shipping cycle to repeat itself and hope the theft doesn't recur. 

But wait!

There are 3 free things we can do now to reduce and overcome this growing problem:

  • Sign up for the United State Postal Service's Informed Delivery for free here.
    • Already more than 22 million households have signed up to combat theft and it's helping.
  • Require a signature for delivery (you can always add a note for this on most online check out screens).
    • We add the signature requirement anytime we suspect an order is at particular risk because it'll take less time than finding out a package is lost and replacing it.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor who is always around to keep an eye out - it usually takes a community to beat back the Porch Pirates.

And here are a few less obvious options, too:

  • Install security monitoring lawn signs.
  • Install obvious cameras out of reach, whether real or not.
  • Leave a shipping box outside as a decoy.
    • Fill it with a brick, horrible rags or even more creative booby prizes to let pirates know you are not an easy target.
  • Install motion sensor that triggers a loud recorded voice from inside yelling "Who's There."

Whatever you do, rest assured we are working to ensure you get that box within 1-3 business days with the confidence. 


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