Where You Live Is As Important As Your Skin Type

In a world where the environment grows increasingly complex, we believe a thoughtful and effective skin care regimen tuned to where we are and the current season matters as much as our skin type and diet - and we have the science to back that up.

We've known for decades that environmental factors like dry weather and sunlight are primary culprits in dulling and damaging our skin. What might be surprising, however, is the recent scientific research demonstrating how irritants like  fine particulate pollution, dust, external stress, blue light from man-made electronics and ground ozone damage our skin's natural ability to repair itself. 

While our bodies posses marvelous skin repairing and healing mechanisms, many of the environmental aggressors hitting our skin all day long interfere with and damage those healing processes. So, it just makes sense to us that where we live and how we work impacts our skin care choices; and that's where crafting skin care regimens to match a skin type to specific environments and seasons gets super complicated super fast. 

To make it super simple for you, VU has developed our Regimen Builder to tune your skin care type to where you live and your current seasonal conditions. We take into account key external factors like humidity/dryness, particulate pollution, dust, sunlight, blue light and indoor ozone. You can save all your seasonal and location regimens to recall the right one when you feel the need to adjust. You can also update and reorder directly from your saved regimens with a single click - it's all in your control.

We know that taking action to repel, repair and rejuvenate pays off in a fresher, healthier glow. So please try our ideas and products to improve your life and let us know how it works for you!

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