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The Volto Urbano Regimen Adaptation for Soap

Our alternate regimen for soap users no matter where you are in the U.S. and for almost every skin type:

  • Start with our Cleansing Oil.
    • Our cleansing oil both removes dirty skin oils that soap cannot remove while also helping to prevent skin oil overproduction.
  • Wash with Soap and rinse thoroughly.
    • Leaving any soap film behind interferes with other skincare products' ability to perform.
  • Tone with our portable Antioxidant Balancing Mist (comes with a free travel sprayer for on-the-go pH re-balancing).
    • Soap leaves skin too alkaline and needs a toner to restore skin's healthy, slightly acidic pH of 4.8 - 6 on the pH scale (0-14).
  • Treat skin with our Urban Defense Gel for superior anti-pollution protection of all types while also helping to replace healthy skin bacteria stripped away by soap.
    • Prebiotic sugars promote friendly bacteria growth to protect skin pH and prevent harmful microorganism proliferation.
  • Use extra moisturizer to reinforce skin barrier protection. All of our moisturizers are designed to work together and can be stacked or doubled-up.

 That's it - a few adjustments to help us be safer and healthier during this crisis.

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