Why Double Cleansing is Important

The environment hits our faces, embedding itself in both our skin and the oils our skin produces. Each of these surfaces needs its own approach to thorough and gentle cleansing because no single product can do it all.

To remove the dirty skin oils, we prefer a blended cleansing oil that completely emulsifies when combined with water because it outperforms all other cleansers. That great cleansing oil, however, is really only great at removing dirty skin oils, so a gentle, soap-free, water-based cleanser is needed for the rest of the job.

Why Clean Skin Matters 

If we want to help our skin do its best and be its best as, removing as much of the outside environment as possible is like removing the distractions and loud noises from our driving - we cannot pay our best attention when we are also dealing with constant interference. That's what embedded environmental impurities do to our skin cells' normal life-cycle - it interferes with it. 

So what looks like double the work and expense at cleansing is really a way to make other skin care products more effective and efficient in delivering their full benefit to our skin - and that makes good sense.

We set the table for our skin care products' best performance by combining our Cleansing Oil with either our Cleansing Gel or Cleansing Foam for that freshly washed, super clean feeling:

  • Cleansing Oil - An emulsifying blended cleansing oil that includes super-fruit seabuckthorn oil blended with a variety of nourishing, antioxidant and cleansing oils: olive, safflower, sunflower, maracuja, argan, rosehip, borage and jojoba.
  • Cleansing Foam - A gentle, antioxidant hydrating cleanser using coconut-derived cleansing agents, antioxidant rich extracts and panthenol.
  • Cleansing Gel - A soap-free panthenol cleanser with coconut-derived cleansing agents and soothing allantoin.

Try our Double Cleanse Kit to save $5 and remove the environment from your face today.

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