Soap, Viruses and Skincare

While clearly not the time for panic or letting our fears run wild, we are feeling the effects of the spreading virus in California.

The other night, I met a friend for dinner. Not at a restaurant as we had originally planned two weeks before, but at my home. We didn't hug or shake hands. Instead we tried bowing, which felt very awkward and then we elbow bumped, which strangely felt better. It was one of those comic/scary human connection moments that reaffirms the emotional bond we all share.

As a group, we accept the CDC assertion that the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) is going to at least affect our behavior throughout the US for a while because those changes will help us all stay safer. One of those behaviors is the CDC recommendation to wash with soap. We are not against using soap on our faces when our health and safety are on the line; and we also know that soap strips skin's natural oils and hurts our skin barrier.

To see how we might help, I asked our founder, Lela Kelly, how people can adapt their skincare regimens to best offset the harm soap leaves behind. Whether you use our products, her advice can help us all get through this a little better:

  • Before washing with soap, start with a cleansing oil that emulsifies when mixed with water. 
    • While soap is great for removing bacteria and other dirt, it cannot remove dirty skin oils effectively. A cleansing oil will clean where soap cannot while helping prevent oil overproduction.
  •  Tone to re-balance skin's pH after washing.
    • Because soap has too high a pH and irritates skin, a straightforward, portable toner spray will help skin regain its slightly acidic healthy balance. Do this immediately after washing to restore a better pH level.
  • Use more moisturizer after your treatments.

Let's please all take reasonable steps to help ensure our own health and safety and this, too shall pass.

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