Need A Boost? Give A Boost!

We've been sheltered in Venice, CA for four weeks that feels too much like four years! However, part of getting through these days, in our opinion, is how we balance caring for ourselves and caring for others.

For example, when we know a delivery person is near our home office, we ask if they would like a bottle of water - a simple gesture that we've left at our doorstep and has been gratefully accepted every time. We experience joy when we find the bottle is gone because we've been able to support someone working a vital job during this difficult time while still following social distancing rules to protect them and ourselves - balance.

We've also focused heavily on those for whom help is more urgent. While encouraging you to practice self-care, we are also asking that you care for others to create a virtuous emotional circle that uplifts us all through our giving campaign.

Each time you apply a Volto Urbano product to your face, you are not only providing your skin with a quality at-home spa experience, you are also feeding people in need as we'll be donating all the profits (that's half of your purchase) to your choice of three amazing charities. So while you're taking in all of those compliments about your glowing skin in another endless Zoom meeting (#GetThatVirtualMeetingGlow), you can also feel joy in knowing that you've been able to help people in need too! 

Check out our three amazing charities:

  • No Kid Hungry - feeds children in need across the nation.
  • Meals on Wheels - delivers meals to vulnerable senior citizens.
  • God's Love We Deliver - delivers meals and education to those with life threatening illnesses.

Please join us in doing something good for you, good for our friends and neighbors and good for our Volto Urbano soul.

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