A Skin-care Newbie's Journey Vol.1 - I Have A Crisis

Hi everyone,

I'm Mark, a VU co-founder and my experience learning about skin care is something I will be sharing with men, women and whomever is also just learning how great skin care actually makes a big difference.

My big realization came because I've suffered from repeated red, dry, patchy breakouts during stretches of my life. In early 2018, a new cycle of red patches started around my mouth where I shave every day and on my eyelid (great, right?) I responded in my normal way by shaving more carefully and applying my usual 1% cortisone cream except this time it didn't work. Instead, the breakouts worsened by spreading down my face to the point where I felt embarrassed in public with all that redness and dead skin around my mouth - where people look at me when I speak...Arghhh!

Before I continue, I want to make clear that my idea of male skin care to this point in my life had been: I shave, I wash, I towel off - I'm good! I had never really understood the fuss my female friends made about all the cleansing and toning and moisturizing, and there were still those recurring red patches that were driving me nuts.

Finally, Lela Kelly suggested using our VU skincare products, which were in the final stages of their development, to see what would happen. She designed a regimen for me and as the next breakout began, I used only our VU products every day to deal with the issue around my mouth while leaving my eyelid untreated to see if there would be a difference. 

Here's The Result:

Our products did not heal the red dry patches and that's what I expected. However, after the breakout ran its course (about two weeks), it has stayed away, and stayed away, and it's still staying away today - Yay!

And not because the breakouts stopped, I still feel them on my untreated eyelid and on the parts of my lips I could not treat (because our products are inedible) all these many months later. Undeniably, something good is happening here.

Why I Think It's Working:

There is a lot of research pointing to poor air quality as a trigger for recurring skin irritation and skin damage. I found that using Volto Urbano products every day has clearly reduced and reversed the effects of Los Angeles on my skin by allowing my natural repair processes to work more effectively. My skin has been looking fresh and clear despite the non-stop daily assault from the world around me and here's the regimen that got me there with my combination-oily skin:

  1. Cleansing Oil (coming in Autumn 2019)
  2. Cleansing Foam for extra hydration in my dry irritated areas
  3. Antioxidant Balancing Mist
  4. Free Radical Defense Serum for its super-high antioxidant punch
  5. Ultimate C&E Serum
  6. Face Cream
Now that I feel the connection between my environment and how it affects my face - I'm figuring out how to coexist with a skin care regimen because matching my skin type to where I live has tangibly improved the quality of my life!

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