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Today, we tackle a new and far too common skincare issue that will be with us through 2021 – Maskne!

Maskne, or mask-induced acne, are those acne breakouts and clogged pores caused by wearing our facemasks (and we sincerely thank all mask wearers for helping to keep us all safer). This happens because our moistened breath exhalations remain trapped inside our masks. With each exhale, we then clog our pores while also creating a perfect growth environment for the harmful bacteria we breathe out.

To beat this new skin problem, we have a simple 3-step solution that will prevent maskne and keep us in good skin health until we vanquish the pandemic:

  • A gentle but thorough double-cleansing routine twice a day;
  • Regular gentle toning to rebalance skin’s pH; and
  • Keeping our reusable masks clean.

Why do we focus on double cleansing? Doesn’t a good cleansing several times a day do the trick?

The key to answering these questions lies in what needs to be removed from our faces to ensure healthy skin. Our faces gather dirt, oils, bacteria, old skin cells and whatever else our body may be processing at any moment. To remove those dirty oils that trap dirt, bacteria and other debris, only a cleansing oil like our Cleansing Oil completely removes these bad skin oils by binding to these dirty oil molecules and completely and easily rinsing away with a water (there is no all-in-one cleanser that will do this thoroughly and gently in our experience).

Next, we use a gentle non-soap cleanser like our super-hydrating Cleansing Foam or our Cleansing Gel to leave skin feeling super clean, refreshed and ready to be seen rather than hidden for those times when our masks aren’t needed.

Once we’ve cleaned our faces, we need one final skin-prep step that people often skip or overlook – toning to rebalance skin’s pH. We know there are all kinds of toners out there and many are not meant to be used everyday like our Antioxidant Balancing Mist. Our ABM provides that on-the-go, everyday gentle toning that instantly refreshes and rebalances skin while also blowing away harmful environmental irritants like indoor ozone and pollution.

Finally, let’s keep our reusable masks as clean as possible (even when we double-mask with a disposable mask underneath). We love wearing our fashion-forward reusable masks and they get nasty very fast. No matter how you wash you mask, by soap or detergent, sprayed alcohol or UV-ray, let’s keep them clean as often as we can to reduce the bad bacteria on our faces.

Please remember:

  • When using soap or detergent to clean our masks, make sure it is both gentle and hypoallergenic to ensure our skin isn’t further irritated by our mask cleaning techniques; and
  • When using alcohol, leave the mask to dry overnight so the alcohol can fully evaporate.


We’ve all been stressed enough this past year that we do not need to add Maskne to the bad pile when avoiding it requires a simple daily routine. For a more in-depth video Maskne discussion, check out our Go Deeper with VU Series, Episode 1 here and let’s beat this thing together! 

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