Hunkered Down And Committed to Fight Covid-19

We write from our nearly hermetically sealed office in Venice, CA where we're disinfecting, keeping people remote and socially distanced. Some among us are either in the high risk category or live with family members who are high risk and, thankfully, we are all healthy. Although we've taken these sensible steps, it's not enough for us in the fight against Covid-19.

Beyond caring for our families and friends, we feel the suffering around us and across the country within our most vulnerable populations: children, the elderly and those with special needs. 

As a beauty company promoting skin health, we looked hard at how can we really help and we landed on delivering meals to those for whom access just grew much harder. 

Of course, we don't sell food or make anything edible, but we do have products that improve skin health and we will give all our profits (that's 50 cents of every dollar) to your choice of three charities that work nationally to serve these vulnerable populations:

  • No Kid Hungry - With every 50 dollars, they provide almost 500 meals to children who are food insecure today;
  • Meals on Wheels - Helps 2.4 million senior citizens annually in virtually every community in the country with food and other heath-related issues; and
  • God's Love We Deliver - Improves the health and well-being for those with serious illnesses through meal delivery and education specific to their illnesses.

We've set up impact meters to measure how much we've raised and we encourage you to get into the fight however it might make the most sense for you, like perhaps:

  • Writing a new hand-washing song;
  • Wearing a disinfectant sprayer like a gunslinger to disinfect as you go (kill them germs!);
  • Showing your love by keeping those around you safe; and/or
  • Making us donate a boatload of cash to these very worthy causes.

With Love from a Bunker in Venice,

Team Volto Urbano

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