Moisturizing Skin Oils

When it comes to moisturizing our faces, we have two broad choices - creams/lotions and oils. Today, we're looking at moisturizing oils and the important considerations for which oils work best.

Let's start with our bodies, which naturally produce skin oils that provide both a moisture retention barrier and a protective barrier against environmental aggressors. While the acid mantle in our skin barrier needs these oils to help our skin look its best, both our skin type and environmental factors like cold winters and air conditioning can prevent enough of our natural oils from reaching our skin barrier.

To remedy this classic dry skin problem, we can use plant-derived skin oils that closely resemble those our bodies naturally produce to bring outstanding moisture and protection without feeling greasy or clogging our pores. These oils are more easily absorbed by our bodies to reinforce the skin barrier faster.

Combining naturally derived oil with a battery of antioxidants gives us the ability to:

  • Draw the best from a variety of oils whose qualities aid in skin barrier functioning; while
  • An effective mix of antioxidants eliminates free radicals while helping skin's natural healing processes function better1.

Finally, we believe formulations need to avoid pore clogging and non-absorbing oils that don't directly help the skin barrier - they may sound exotic or natural but they don't really help.

The VU Perspective

As you may already know, we believe in antioxidant protection. We also believe in sourcing amazing plants with unique attributes. At the heart of our Moisturizing Blue Oil is azulene from Roman Chamomile. This special Chamomile is known for its striking blue color, its high antioxidant concentration, and its anti-inflammatory properties. To this, we've added a blend of vitamin E and polyphenol (plant) antioxidants as well as barrier protecting oils like borage, olive and evening primrose. You can use our oil directly or as a boost to your existing moisturizer.

Please try our Moisturizing Blue Oil as your "go to", or as a boost when your regular moisturizer needs something extra.

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