Antioxidant-Rich, Self-Adjusting Moisturizers

So many moisturizers, so many choices, can one can do it all for most of us?

We've formulated our "smart" Face Cream to work in most of the environments you may find yourself:

  • Time-released, active ingredients correctly adjust moisture delivery up to 20 hours;
  • Works for the range of oily to dry skin types, and 
  • Delivers a complex battery of vitamin and plant polyphenol antioxidants to eliminate free radicals, add moisture, and help skin repair itself.

 Antioxidant Power

Because antioxidants work better in concert than alone1, we've added these stars into the mix:

  • A trio of moisturizing vitamin E tocopheryl, tocopheryl linoleate and tocopheryl acetate deliver a comforting reservoir of moisture between skin cells for up to 20 hours;
  • Stabilized, time-released vitamin C ascorbyl methylsilanol pectinate helps fight sun damage.
  • Green tea leaf, red algae, rosemary, and lavender extract polyphenol antioxidants help skin adjust and repair itself.

See how our self-adjusting Face Cream fits into your daily regimen - day and night.

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