Air Pollution Accelerates Skin Aging

Doesn't sound too scary until you see the study Chemberry1 just released. This study, on the heels of the United Nations 2018 study that concluded 80% of us live in unhealthy air2, should motivate everyone to take more effective steps for good skin health.

The Chemberry study looked at 80 world cities for overall environmental skin damage, including 6 US cities representing various regions (New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, Houston, Phoenix and Los Angeles) and found that:

  • While the United States is among the better countries for skin and the environment; 
  • Our pollution alone places us in the bottom 20 of 58 countries studied - yuck!

These U.S. cities are not the only ones with these environmental problems, but rather represent other cities that have similar issues in the neighborhood. For example, New York City represents other surrounding cities like Buffalo, Boston, Providence, Philadelphia and so on just as Chicago represents the areas from Cleveland and Columbus to Minneapolis and Des Moines.

Why This Matters?

Air pollution, which the United Nations study defines as:

  • Emissions from fossil fuels;
  • Industrial processes;
  • Agriculture (methane and ammonia);
  • Waste management and treatments;
  • Dirty indoor heating systems; and
  • Outdoor dust

finds its way onto and into our skin whether we are outside or indoors. These bad actors lead to the creation of free radicals in our skin.

A free radical is an unstable molecule missing several electrons that finds another atom with whom to bond to complete itself. These resulting newly completed molecules turn into uncontrolled colonies of compromised molecules disrupting the cell renewal process which accelerates skin aging and it doesn't have to happen that way.

How to Conquer Air Pollution

With air pollution a fact of modern life, the best response is to remove it via double cleansing3. Why double? When particulate pollution settles into our pores, it attaches to skin oils and only an emulsifying Cleansing Oil can completely remove dirty skin oils. Next, we need a gentle, sulfate-free and soap-free cleanser like the Cleansing Gel or super hydrating Cleansing Foam.

Once the environment is removed, treat skin with products that combine varieties of pollution-fighting antioxidants because antioxidants, like people, are stronger together. Free Radical Defense Serum deploys a whopping 18 high-powered antioxidants for unparalleled performance. 

Finally, seal in all that serum repair with a moisturizer tuned to your skin type and loaded with even more pollution-fighting antioxidants like Face Cream for normal to oilier skin and Face Cream - Intense for those who need the extra moisture boost.

Want an even more personalized solution to conquer environmental assault? Take the 6- question quiz for a custom regimen.

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