About Our Packaging: Sustainability

We embrace our responsibility to limit our carbon footprint and contribution to crowded landfills by:

  1. Considering the safety of our customers first;
  2. Using only green and recyclable shipping materials; and
  3. Reducing the harm to the environment in which we all live.

About our product packaging:

  • Every container Is selected to ensure no interaction between it and our formulations; and
  • We encourage recycling all empty containers. 
    • All our bottles, jars, caps and boxes are recyclable. 

About our shipping materials:

  • All our boxes/labels/tape are recyclable; and
  • All our interior shipping protection is made from recycled and/or biodegradable cushioning (you may also reuse our green air pillows and bubble wrap);

We are constantly looking to improve these areas to discover alternatives that fit our current production and fulfillment processes. As we grow, we believe we can tap even deeper sources for greener packaging.

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