A Skin-care Newbie's Journey Vol.1.5 - The Steps in a Skincare Regimen or Routine

There are scientific reasons for keeping this regimen thing highly regimented to get the best results. What I've learned is detailed further below, or here is a very quick guide to understanding the order in which VU's products interact with one another. We formulated them this way: 

1. Cleansing Oil, then Cleansing Gel or Cleansing Foam. Yes, we're huge advocates of double cleansing. Use the Exfoliating Mud Mask to keep skin fresh every few days.

2. Next comes the crucial step of toning, so skin is ready to absorb the rest of the regimen: Antioxidant Balancing Mist. 

3. After that, apply serums or treatments. 

4. Finally, moisturize. Now skin is ready for the day!

Or, here is more detail...

Cleansing Comes First! (And it includes toning, a misunderstood step)

It's as obvious as it sounds - we have to clean the environment from our faces before treatments and other products can work properly. And truly proper cleansing is a multi-step process:

  1. Cleansing Oils
    Only a great cleansing oil that completely emulsifies in water can bond with the dirty oils on our faces and completely wash away. No other cleanser completely removes these dirty oils and our Cleansing Oil (coming October 2019) does all of that while feeling as great going on as it does coming off.
  2. Gentle Non-Sulphate Cleansers
    These sorts of cleansers, like our Cleansing Gel or moisturizing Cleansing Foam, remove the rest of the environmental irritants without hurting our skin barriers like bar soaps and other rougher cleansers.
  3. Exfoliating Masks or Solutions
    Exfoliation is the healthy removal of dead skin cells that clog our skin barriers' healthy functioning. Our Exfoliating Mud Mask works with both physical exfoliants for immediate results and longer acting AHA and BHA exfoliating acids for healthy skin barrier renewal. This should only be done in the evening.
  4. Toning
    This final step re-balances the pH of our skin which promotes proper skin health while helping our other skin care products more fully absorb for maximum performance. Try our Antioxidant Balancing Mist for an instant on-the-go refresher during the day, too.

Treatments and Serums Second

Once a face is cleaned and prepped, it's time for treatment serums like our Ultimate C&E Serum and pollution-fighting Free Radical Defense Serum, or treatment gels like our blue-light-fighting Urban Defense Gel that deliver antioxidant batteries and nutrients to help skin heal faster.

Moisturizers Seal the Deal

Lay on the moisturizer to give skin a protective moisture shield while we go about our day. Consult with a brand to find out which level of protection is needed: our are Face Cream, Face Cream - Intense and our Moisturizing Blue Oil. The oil doesn't replace a moisturizer, though, so it's important to read the instructions for products before you use them.

Finishing Touches

If we are using other specialty products like an eye cream, this is the time to put it on. Our Eye Cream - Intense plumps and lifts delicate eye skin with our Hyaluronic Lifting Spheres for a refreshed look.

Finally, if it's daytime, we always recommend an SPF or a good hat for sunlight protection.

That's it!

Even if you skip a step here and there, keeping things in the right order will yield better results - I know because scientists made me commit this whole thing to heart so I wouldn't waste my money not getting the best from my purchases. And now I hope I've passed it onto to anyone who can benefit from my stumbling experiences.

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