Activity and Stability Studies of Verbascoside, a Novel Antioxidant, in Dermo-Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Topical Formulations


A 2011 article from Molecules (vol 16, no 1, p.7068) investigating the effectiveness of antioxidant extracts from the butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii), a shrub in the Buddlejaceae family. The authors conclude that verbascoside, an active ingredient in the butterfly bush and its derivative, VPP, are effective antioxidants in removing free radicals worthy of further development and exploration.

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Over the last decade antioxidants have been proposed as functional ingredients for anti-aging preparations, and to prevent and modulate oxidative skin damage...we have recently investigated extracts of butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii), a shrub in the Buddlejaceae family widely used as an ornamental plant and known in traditional medicine for their wound healing, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, anti-allergic detergent, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Verbascoside is the most abundant of these chemical substances and may be found in very high concentrations (approximately 80%) in Buddleja davidii cell cultures. The biological properties of verbascoside, also known as acteoside, have been described in the literature and comprise a wide spectrum of activities, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, photoprotective and chelating actions.

The stability and antioxidant properties of verbascoside and its derivative VPP obtained by a synthetic modification in order to explore their potential as cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical ingredients should be of great interest in the dermocosmetic and medicinal fields. Our studies demonstrate the potential of this molecule which have been obtained from a sustainable biotechnology platform starting from meristemic cells.

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