How to Manage Sensitive Skin in a Polluted Environment


A 2017 study summary from the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (vol 76, no 6, p.AB158) demonstrating the effectiveness of a skin care regimen aimed at reducing the effects of air pollution on the skin. The authors conclude such regimens significantly reduce the negative effects of oxidative stress in the skin.

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Introduction: Pollution is a major concern in big cities. Most pollution studies have focused on the related side effects to the pulmonary and cardiovascular systems. More recently, however, epidemiological and mechanistic studies suggest that air pollution can also have a negative impact on the integrity of the skin. Pollution can result in aggravated skin sensitivity and reactivity.

Repeated applications for 4 weeks in a highly polluted environment in Shanghai China) of a mild cleanser to remove the particles without damaging the skin barrier, a face care developed for sensitive skin…and a daily sun care with high UVB and UVA protection level were performed.

Results: The skin care product routine significantly reduced the facial stinging test score (-29.1%), pruritus, discomfort, tugging feeling, and the physical signs (-100% dryness, -69% roughness). Self-assessment demonstrated a decrease of skin sensitivity feeling and decrease of skin reactivity to triggering factors. 

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